Positive Goal-taxis

There are two types of people, good and “bad”. There is basically nothing interesting to write about the good people. They follow rules, considerate of fellow human beings feelings etc. Bad as defined by the dictionary means not pleasant or enjoyable. I find the so called bad people interesting. Unlike good people, they make interesting news. History also tends to put more emphasis more on the Hitlers, and in future the Trumps.

Following rules to the latter, honesty, kindness and uttermost transparency has only one assurance. You will stay out of jail. Ignoring substantial odds that you could be jinxed. We’ve all heard stories of people who ended up in jail for purchasing stolen goods and innocently so. Some are uninformed good people who are struggling to keep up with the unfriendly economy.

Look around, the people you know who’ve “made it” ( for lack of a better term), usually carry with them some traits that are dreaded by members of the society. People come up with all these crazy notions of how they acquired their wealth. Some are deemed thieves. Others claim they are just lucky and could have nothing without inheritance, well put the blame on your forefathers.

The truth is, to come out successful in this competitive times, stepping on a couple of heads is inevitable, toe stepping is imminent and breaking hearts is inexorable. Well am not suggesting there no ways to be successful without making a few enemies along the way am just saying i know none.

If you’ve ever worked as a casual labourer in a big company, then you know the spiteful aura common among the workers. I have been guilty of that too. For some unknown reason you tend to feel you might be doing more. The hate you feel over the superiors is baffling. The laments made by the workers start in the morning and end late at night in the whatsapp groups. All because the poor workers feel the big boss is stepping on them and could be nowhere without them, its ironical since they still show up, some for years. Again who needs who?

Imagine this, you are at the bus-stop, your window of getting to work on time is shutting by the minute. Its not that there are no buses stopping. You are way to many and every time a bus stops, body checks ensue and a few people get lucky. This might seem absurd to the reserved, calm fellow but the truth is, whoever wants it the most will get a seat in the bus.

In a political setup, we all know the honest, transparent, whistle blowers end up getting benched or even worse. What happens is the dirty politicians are way more vigilant in covering their tracks, they even manage to codify some of their wrong traits. As absurd as it may be, what matters to them is they always win. We are all familiar with the guy who was exiled from his country of birth for being too much of a whistle-blower. Literary frogmarched to a plane. This shows you how far strong willpower can get you. Miles away from you country of birth on a fully payed ticket for the good guy, and one thorn pulled of the behind of the bad guys. Victory for the bad guy.

I was using my phone with the lights switched off and a moth kept flying by annoyingly so. After i managed to crash it dead, i decided to look up the behaviour it had portrayed. Its a phenomenon termed positive photo-taxis. This insects are naturally attracted to light. Oblivious of all the potential risk they fly towards light. Some get burned to death by the sources of the light seek. Some get smacked to death.

The people we deem bad have positive goal-taxis. They are oblivious of all factors that may hinder them from attaining their goals. Love them or hate them, things will always go their way one way or another. Good people on the other hand live a reserved life. Afraid of stepping on others toes. They may be kind, lovable, you name it but most leave this world with so much unaccomplished.